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6'5" 2017 sf Jabrel Mohammad

Michigan Unsigned Seniors Emerge

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


Michigan's 2016-'17 season is readily approaching as games start on Monday, December 5th, and the openng month is packed with great multi-game events as well as strong individual games.  Within these games are the talented players from incoming freshman through established seniors, but every year emerges a solid group of seniors who didn't enter high school as the most talented or with huge name recognition.  Inside Prep Sports has been in the gym for showcases and scrimmages this fall where players have taken the extra steps to become vital instruments for their teams.  Here's a look at six seniors to keep an eye on this season:

6’4” 2017 forward Kemon Bassett (Detroit King, MI.) He’s been on the Michigan scene for a while and always been a solid contributor.  While Bassett has always provided energy and done many of the little things that don’t show up on the stat sheets, he’s become a much improved mid-range jump shooter  who will extend his range to the perimeter.  Rebounding and defense are staples in his game.

6’3” 2017 wing Tyler Davis (West Bloomfield, MI.) The lefty plays with a lot of energy and will catch a lob or go down the lane to throw it down.  He’s a solid shooter from the mid-range and perimeter with decent handles with enough diversity in his game that keeps defenses on their toes.  

6’9” 2017 center Alex Ismael (Dearborn Heights Annapolis, MI.) Naturally big and a north and south player who is a solid producer on the block.  He has good hands and is a decent athlete.  Defenders have to respect his ability to make the 12-15’ jumper.  He’s a very strong student with some scholarship interest.

6’5” 2017 small forward Jabrel Mohammed (Lansing Sexton, MI.) Perhaps the biggest late bloomer in the state, Mohammed is skilled, long, athletic, and versatile.  He was arguably the top unsigned senior from the Michigan Elite 25’s satellite camps this fall.  Mohammed is a player more college coaches are anxiously waiting to see sooner than later.

6’2” 2017 guard Travez Nyx (Wayne Memorial, MI.) High energy, defender, and makes things happen on or off the ball.  He’s an efficient scorer from the mid-range or perimeter and an athletic finisher who goes after the rim.  He’s a quality student and will be key to what Wayne’s turnaround season.

6’5” 2017 wing Darius Young (Flint Northwestern, MI.) He’s a strong student, with athleticism and a lot of ability as he will play the 1, 2, or 3 this season.  Consistency on either side of the ball is what Northwestern’s head coach Napolean Petteway is looking for in Young taking the next step.

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