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Detroit Elite Camp

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley




The University of Detroit-Mercy’s Elite camp was Wednesday and many of the state’s top players were on hand as well as players from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.  Here’s a look at many of the standouts:


6'8 2014 pf Naseem Hadrab (Oakdale Christian Academy, London, Ontario, Canada) active lefty, plays hard, good athlete, decent size, garbage man with a little skill

6'7 2014 pf Kenny Goins (Warren Mott) Rebounded well, showed athleticism with numerous dunks, stepped game up from the spring and played like a mid-major player.

5'9 2016 pg Chris Rollins (Warren De La Salle) He's grown since the high school season and did a good job of running the show while also looking to score. His growth spurt will move him up Michigan's 2016 PG list.


5’9” 2015 point guard Michael Tucker (Marion, IN.) Like he did at last week’s showcase in Kalamazoo he kept the ball on a string, set up teammates for opportunities, and got after defensively.

6'1" 2016 shooting guard Quinn Erway (Saginaw Heritage) Erway shot the ball very well in drills and continued in games. My first time seeing him and he was one of many impressive freshman. One of the state's top freshman shooters and a good athlete.

5'10" 2016 pg Billy Thomas (University if Detroit-Jesuit) A heady pg with solid handles and did a good job of getting pushing the tempo and made mid-range jumpers. 

6'1 2016 sg Kyle Woodruff (Holly) He shot the ball well in drills and has a very good and practiced stroke. He was just so-so in games where he his shot didn't fall with consistency and he struggled to finish at the basket when contested.

6'3" 2016 sf Jalen Martin (Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy) Garbage man who gets after it defensively, rebounds, he's a good athlete, and physical. 

5'10" 2015 pg Latin Davis, jr. (Milan) He's shifty, likes to push the ball, takes care of the possession, gets to the basket, is more athletic laterally than vertical but still takes contact at the basket well.

5'11" 2015 pg Khari Willis (Jackson Lumen Christi) He took an elbow to the eye early in drills but still competed for the rest of the day. He's best when going to the basket and while his form was there on perimeter jump shots the consistency wasn't there perhaps due to his eye.

6'3 2015 sg Ted McCree (Orchard Lake St. Mary's) One of the state's top 2015 shooting guards where the talent is abundant. He shot the ball well from the perimeter and while he has decent ball skills and athleticism he prefers the jumper.

6' 2015 combo guard Josh McFolley (Mt. Clemens) One of the most active players at the event, the lefty got after it defensively and offensively. He's gangly and a decent athlete who was just so-so when taking contact at the basket but shot the ball fairly well in drills and games.

6'3" 2016 wing Devon Daniels (Battle Creek Lakeview with rumors that he may be headed to Kalamazoo Central) He's strong, scored in the mid-range, a good athlete who absorbs contact and initiates contact. His handles are ok.

6'4 2015 sg Xavier Cochran (Ann Arbor Huron) A solid shooter and athlete who also looks to go to the basket. Top ten player in Michigan's 2015 class.

6'3" 2015 fwd Khary Fanning, jr. (Southfield) He's very athletic and not the most skilled while development is the key.

5'9" 2015 pg Lamonta Stone II (Bowling Green, OH.) He competed very well in drills and games. Very quick and a pest defensively. He kept the ball on a string and made the right passes while getting to the basket when he wanted.

6'8" 2014 fwd Jordan Nobles (Canton, MI.) A lefty, stretch four with length and a good athlete. He's rail thin but finishes over defenders from 7" and in. He's a good mid-range shooter.

6'9" 2014 pf Reynaldo Cheney (Grand Rapids Union? now that Grand Rapids Creston is closed) A bit of a goofy kid but relished blocking shots, dunks, rebounding, and hustling. He consistently needs to play this way and more offers will come. 

6'6" 2015 sg AJ Turner (New Hampton Prep from Warren De La Salle) He's skilled and was just ok at the event. Still high major potential as his ok is better than most best.

6'1" 2016 pg Antoine Joubert, jr. (N. Farmington) He has good size and basketball IQ. One of the better players in Michigan's 2016 class. He's an ok athlete who made passes, cuts, finds ways to get open, and looked to do other things other than score.

6'4" 2015 sg Josh Davis (Detroit Henry Ford) One of the top shooting guards in the 2015 class, he played above the rim, shot the ball fairly well, and was active on either end of the court.


6’2” 2015 sg Rob Edwards (Detroit Cass Tech) Edwards had his moments in games where he and McFolley combined as one of the top guard combos and played well together. He shot the ball well at times and needs that much more when finishing in transition.


6’2” 2015 sg Marquel Ingram (Detroit Pershing)He earned an offer from Detroit head coach Ray McCallum, sr. following the event as he scored off the bounce, going to the basket, and his athleticism is really picking up as he had no problem finishing with both hands in transition.


6’7” 2014 pf Justin Tillman (Detroit Pershing) The event’s top player, rebounded, blocked shots, ran the floor like a deer, and looked to catch defenders on posters.  His ball skills and mid-range game were also bright points.


6’7” 2015 sf Jeron “Budda” Rogers (N. Farmington) One of the state’s top rising juniors, Rogers played on the perimeter, went around aggressive defenders, put back offensive rebounds, while making mid-range shots.


6’9” 2015 c John Rexroth (Farmington Hills Harrison) Rexroth has very good size and getting stronger will help him move defenders out of the way as he struggles with his lift and finishing against more athletic defenders.


6’10” 2015 c Justin Greason (Utica Eisenhower)Somewhat similar to Rexroth as he also has nice natural size while also need in working on his agility.  He had his moments around the basket.


6’3” 2014 wing JaChristian Biles (Oak Park)His game is made for the up and down pace of these type of events as his athleticism shines, aggressiveness stands out, and energy outlasts defenders in final games.


6’3” 2016 sf Javon Lawrence (Melvindale)Long, lanky, rising sophomore, lefty with a high arching perimeter shot.  He didn’t seem to put in on the floor a lot.


6’3” 2016 sg Karmari Newman (Detroit East English Village)One of the state’s best perimeter shooters, the lefty at times fell in love with the old spino-rama which also resulted in a couple of  turnovers.  He’s best when he creates the little bit of space he needs to launch perimeter shots.


6’4” 2016 fwd Cedrick Lattimore (Detroit East English Village)There’s no nonsense in his “It’s not my fault that I’m stronger than you game” and he brings toughness to the boards, accepts contact, and finished around the basket.


6’6” 2016 c Algevon Eichelberger, jr. (Saginaw) One of the more notable Michigan freshman entering the event, Eichelberger’s ability to rebound in his area, very good hands, patience in the post, and ability to make and receive passes in confined areas, along with finishing around the basket once again proved his strength.


6’2” 2015 sg Jaylin Walker (Romulus)His game seems to keep improving over the last year.  He rebounded well, defended, made the hustle plays, and shot the ball well from the perimeter in yesterday’s event.


6’9” 2015 pf Mike Edwards (Westland John Glenn)He’s one of the top players in Michigan’s 2015 class which is loaded with bigs.  He’s becoming more assertive on the glass and offensively while running the floor very well.


6’7” 2016 fwd Matthew Moyer (Gahanna, OH.)One of the event’s top rising sophomores did a little bit of everything.  He rebounded, looked to score in the mid-range and inside, was aggressive on either end of the court, and showed some ball skills.


6’5” 2015 sf Derek Murphy (Warren Mott) A player not to sleep on as he has tools and athleticism.  Murphy showed a solid mid-range game and was aggressive going to the basket.


6’8” 2013 sf Paris Bass (Birmingham Seaholm ’13 and will spend a post grad season at Kingdom Prep, IA.) He’s versatile and skilled as he beats bigs to the basket off the dribble and shot over shorter defenders.  He’s agile and slippery around the basket where he’s playing at and above the rim.


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