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Inside Prep Sports’ Fall Super Showcase: Recap III

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


Many of the state’s top juniors from the Inside Prep Sports’ Fall Super Showcase stood out as did bigs who are finding their coordination and guards who have hit recent growth spurts.  Drills to improve skills were prevalent throughout the day and the juniors brought energy to the games.


6’4” 2015 combo guard Deleon Brown (Grand Rapids Christian) The lanky lefty with the smooth jumper matched production with potential as he performed at a high level throughout the drills and skills of the day.  He did a great job of knocking down mid-range and perimeter jumpers off the dribble and catch.  Brown is a primary jump shooter with a floater in the lane and improving ability to get to the basket.

5’11” 2015 point guard Jordan Carter (Detroit Loyola) Jordan was at the top of the best defenders at the Showcase as he has a knack for intercepting passes, quick feet, and active hands.  Like his brother it’s great to see that height is quickly becoming their friend as they’ve long had the skill.  Carter is a good athlete who is solid going left or right and a solid mid-range shooter who showed consistency off the bounce.

5’11” 2015 point guard Justin Carter (Detroit Loyola) Jordan’s twin was a strong and consistent shooter off the catch in drills and games.  He’s more of a spot shooter than his brother and has decent handles who made quick decisions to find open teammates for layups.

6’8” 2015 c Mike Edwards (Westland John Glenn) He starting to find his coordination and balance around the basket as it looks like he’s found out about George Mikan.  He consistently used up and unders on either side of the basket with improved touch around the basket.  He also showed he was comfortable knocking down mid-range jumpers and improving rebounder who has always showed good hands along with running the floor.

6’7” 2015 power forward Christian Littlejohn (Detroit Osborn) Long, athletic, energetic, and a rising player in Michigan’s 2015 class.  He has quick bounce and active hands with above the rim abilities.  While Littlejohn is still somewhat raw he has the natural abilities and energy that often outlines scholarship material.

6’10” 2015 c John Rexroth (Farmington Hills Harrison) The biggest player of the camp, Rexroth is a space eater and a true post player with good hands.  He showed good touch around the basket on the right side and showed improvement on the left side from past months and years. 

6’2” 2015 combo guard Tim Shayoka (Troy Athens) He has great grades, a great motor, and a knack for scoring from 19’ and in.  Shayoka is a good athlete with some herk and jerk in his style and a player that gets down defensively.  He went at game speed in drills and didn’t take plays off in each of his three games played. 

5’8” 2015 point guard Lamonta Stone II (Bowling Green, OH.) The top point guard of the Showcase as he distributed, took care of possessions and made baskets in the mid-range while getting to the basket.  He readily picked pockets of opposing ball-handlers.  Stone worked pick and roll situations with precision and provided teammates in drills and games with on the point passes.

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