Michigan Elite 25: Recap I

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


A great weekend to start the Michigan Elite 25 hosted by Michigan resident, former NBA player, and current ESPN broadcaster Tim McCormick and Mike Dietz of  President and Founder of Dietz Trott Sports & Entertainment Management in Farmington Hills, Michigan as the state's top players were invited to participate in an event that brought together life skills, a variety of succesful speakers, and basketball skill training.

The words "Respect" and "Hunger" were the event's key words and with many of the state's top coaches on hand the incoming freshman through incoming seniors were given a blue print of success in basketball as well as in life.  The Question and Answer sessions were enlightening and surprising to some extent as some kids got it and some didn't just as some got it and some didn't on the court.  The event wasn't designed to teach everything in a day or even two.  Instead it was to address guidelines and a support system for our youth in an aim to see our system improve.

With the vast majority of the state's best players on hand, it was evident who wanted what when competition started on the court in one on one, two on two, and three on three drills.  The two eight hour sessions saw players excell and create a buzz amongst the coaches as they wanted to know "who was who."  The players should know who gave their all and who didn't and when we meet again at Detroit Cass Tech on September 22nd and 29th it will be evident who put in work in between now and then.

The weekend also showed the strength of each of the classes as the 2014 class provided skilled big men and still emerging guards.  The 2015 class is known for its height but also showed an up and coming group of shooting guards with height.  2016 has it's early standouts that are known nationally but soon to be known are the other guards and the skilled post players.  2017 will be fun to watch over the years as a solid group of bigs as well as poised guards and wings staked their claim that they can hang with the upperclassmen.

All in all it was a great weekend and first session with superb speakers and players that aim to show their hunger and respect within the community.

For those players invited and didn't attend there are many players waiting to fill the void and show why their hunger for the sport of basketball.

Congrats to all that made this event a success!  E25!


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